Fuel Quality Assurance Program

Fuel Quality Assurance (FQA) is the service description PRS uses for our annual & biannual fuel sampling and lab analysis testing to ensure fuel meets ASTM D975 standards. This service includes:

  • Fuel Sample to be taken either annually or more often depending on customer needs.
  • A field report that includes photos showing the fuel meets the "Clear & Bright" ASTM standard.  Appearance: (ASTM D4176) @ 75° F is a visual examination of the fuel. Dark and/or cloudy fuel suggests a need for remediation.
  • Gulf HydroClean Fuel Treatment is added (optional) to extend the storage life of fuel.
  • Sample sent to a 3rd party lab and tested to ASTM D975 standards. (lab analysis is optional for certain industries).
  • Detailed lab report showing the results and what actions are needed (if any) to bring the fuel into compliance.
Sample Field Report
Sample Field Report

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