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External fuel tanks at a filling station
Worker installing a huge underground fuel tank, aerial
storage of gasoline in the horizontal tanks

Over three Decades of Experience

Petroleum Recovery Services is in the business of maintaining Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) & Underground Storage Tanks (UST) tanks used for fuel storage (primarily for emergency generators). We monitor and analyze fuel annually, adding inhibitors, and removing water and other contaminants through fuel filtration. PRS manages thousands of tanks for such critical facilities as hospitals, telecommunication companies, data centers, water & sewer sites, the National Weather Stations (NOAA), electric generator plants, airports, state DOT facilities, and many other entities that require 24/7 access to power. PRS has certified tank inspectors on staff. As a normal course of business, PRS repairs tanks, removes tanks, and puts new tanks in service. PRS handles all the logistics associated with both decommissioning and tank disposal, and tank replacement so there is no learning curve regarding the regulations involved. Our inspectors can certify that new tanks are suitable for service per all standards & codes.

With three decades of experience, PRS knows tanks, plain and simple.

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